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In the ten most popular drugs — three dietary supplements: "Sealeks", "Tongkat Ali platinum" and "Alikaps". Their sales are growing, men are spending a huge amount on average one pack costs 1000 rubles. For the sake of profit by unscrupulous manufacturers ready to add to natural remedies are cheap and powerful prescription substance.

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According to the candidate of pharmaceutical Sciences David Melik-Guseinov, the market pseudobulb is constantly growing. Pharmaceutical pirates have mastered cutting-edge technologies and the harm they cause to the health of Russians, it is impossible to estimate.

Active growth of the market of dietary Supplements also contributes to the very system of the retail pharmacy trade, where the range expands-drug — is the most profitable product category. "The markup on SUPPLEMENTS is not regulated, in contrast to the mark-up on medicines, supplements here can exceed 50 percent," explains Kirill ivanychev. Supplements quickly fill pharmacy market, successfully competing with other medication.

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The mechanism of action of sildenafil: preparation increases the amount of blood flowing into the penis. This helps the man to cause natural erection. Sildenafil works only when a man feels natural sexual excitation, and when sexual intercourse is finished, the penis naturally returns to the relaxed state. In other words, sildenafil works only on natural mechanisms of occurrence of erection.

According to the Director of Analytics of the company "ARANCI Pharma" Paul Rashupkina, the market for dietary Supplements in Russia today — about 30 billion rubles. Last year it grew by almost 12 percent. And the segment of dietary Supplements that affect the male reproductive system, and in 2014 reached a volume of 5 billion rubles.

The author accidentally Came the Husband - the fools who have nothing better to do. Viagra and other drugs, like Cialis, Levitra need to take when problems with potency physical or psychological. and just eat it. He's not stupid. Just wanted to try and see what the effect is. But I said I would ask for woman ru ,and if it's not just raises the member ,and gives some other effects - try. It would be better instead just read about this drug and all
well, in General I wanted opinions of witnesses)

And there was a strange thing: I tried as I Vizarsin - the effect is, after a while everything went, tried another time - and lo and behold, the effect is super, and most importantly held for almost a day, just think about last night again feel the "rise" Well, I think: Hooray! Panacea! Just like my BAD!
But fuck it, third times Vizarsin worked.

Plus advertising Supplements a lot easier than medicine. Here on TV and twist commercials "miracle-means" with the stars, promising strong male health.

This product wide potential audience — males aged from 30 to 55 years, about 20 million people. Of them to 4 million use these drugs. It is not surprising that dietary Supplements for erectile dysfunction are the main drivers holding the market growth, despite the overall decline in the consumption of drugs.

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